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Wednesday 14th October 2020

2020 - 2021 has proved to be a difficult time for everyone. Please read the following to see how I am adapting my cancellation policy for COVID-19 and how I plan to keep both myself and audiences safe during live performance.


From 14th October 2020 onwards, all clients that have to cancel their booking with me for the following reasons, where a rescheduled date is not possible, will receive a full refund: -

1. Government enforced restrictions mean the event cannot legally take place.

2. Government enforced restrictions legally prohibit me from performing at the event.

3. Government enforced restrictions legally prohibit me / the client from travelling to the event.

4. Myself, the customer or somebody we have been in contact with is diagnosed with COVID-19 (proof of test result or test and trace instruction will be required). In the event I have to cancel, a replacement will be offered.

Any non-refundable expense already paid prior to the event taking place (i.e. for accommodation etc) will be deducted from the full amount before a refund is made.


Any cancellation not related to COVID-19 will follow my normal cancellation policy.



Keeping safe

I will adhere to the following safety precautions and ask that you respect these and where applicable, do the same:  -

1. A face mask will be worn when speaking to the client or staff at the venue.

2. Before entering a venue, hand sanitizer will be used as well as frequently throughout the event.

3. As per government restrictions, a 2 meter distance rule will be enforced. 

4. Where a suitable sized performance area is not possible, a screen will be placed in front of me. This can be        requested for any sized performance space.

5. The use of my microphone by anyone other than myself is prohibited.

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