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How far in advance should you book your wedding entertainment?

In my opinion, if there is someone you definitely want to sing / play at your wedding... book them NOW! QUICK! GO, GO, GO! DON'T DELAY!

Most couples start thinking about booking their wedding singers, guitarists or bands at least a year in advance. That's not to say you wont be able to find someone if you only have 6 months to go, you just might not get the singer or band you really wanted!

As you've probably already found out, organisation is key when it comes to organising a wedding. Some folk get on it 2 years in advance! Not everyone is blessed with these skills so to play it safe, a year before the big day, think about when you would like live music. At the ceremony? The drinks reception? The Wedding breakfast? Evening reception? All of them? and then get enquiring!

If you are cutting it fine, there are some great websites out there to help with any last minute bookings! is a great place to start!

Hope this helps and happy looking! Dont forget you can get some great entertainment at ;-)

Much love,



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