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How do we decide on ceremony songs?

This is one I get asked all the time! The ceremony is one of the most personal and emotional parts of the whole day so how to you make sure you pick the right songs?

❤ Do you have any songs that are 'your' songs? If you do, then consider whether they are appropriate for a ceremony. If they aren't in their original form, is there an acoustic cover available that is? (search on Spotify or other similar platform, there are some really beautiful covers of many songs) or can you hire a singer who can do their own version? In my opinion, its always best to have a song that is meaningful to you as a couple.

❤ Are there any songs that just hit you right in the feels? I KNOW we've all listened to a song that reminds us of our other half!! I remember hearing 'Golden' by Lady Antebellum for the first time and being so blown away by it I wasn't able to get it out of my mind! When it came to deciding our ceremony songs, I just kept on playing it until my (now) husband said “Lets have that one, you obviously love it!“ 😜

❤ If you are your partner have completely different tastes in music then here steps in C.O.M.P.R.O.M.I.S.E! I recently had a couple who couldn't agree on their ceremony songs. He was a fan of rock music and she was more pop! We sat down and had a chat about personal choices and after some time agreed on 4 songs. 1 was her choice, 1 was his choice, 1 was a joint decision and 1 they picked for the lyrics.

❤ Which leads me nicely onto my next point, consider the lyrics! Its not always the first thing people listen to but take some time to look at the lyrics of love songs. Most people have been on a journey of some kind to get to where they are now and there will always be one song that you relate to more than others. Whether it be symbolic for your relationship or it just says everything you want to say to your loved one!

❤ Going back to Spotify, type in 'Wedding ceremony songs' or similar. There are loads of playlists that have been made up which include songs you probably haven't even thought of! Definitely worth a look! You can also Google 'Wedding ceremony songs' or 'Love songs' for some ideas!

❤ Finally... if you are still stuck, ask your friends and family if they can recommend any songs for you! These are the people who know you best and might remember a song that you love that you have forgotten about! Or even introduce you to THAT song that you haven't heard before!

One last thing to remember... when you listen to the song it has to make you emotional in some way. Whether its excitement or it makes you shed a little tear... It has to provoke some kind of feeling from you. This is how you know you've found it!

Happy listening!

M xxx

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