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Live music at your wedding...should you do it?

In a word....YES!!! When organising my own wedding I booked my band before anything else! I just knew it was going to absolutely make my day and I wasn't wrong! 😊

I'm obviously biased because I provide wedding entertainment but I honestly think that your wedding budget should prioritise having live music at some point during your day. If you want your evening reception to be rocking, your ceremony to even more beautiful, memorable and emotional or your drinks reception to have that perfect vibe, live music will do all this for you!

There are options to suit all budgets so you don't need to break the bank spending a grand on a band if its just not possible! Having a solo singer, a duo or even a trio is a cheaper option and wont be a compromise on the atmosphere that live music brings (just make sure you do your research!). A good front person will know how to work the crowd whether they are solo or with a full 8 piece band behind them!

One of my favourite things about performing is seeing a dance floor full of people having the best time and that really spurs me on! By the time i've finished jumping around on stage like the guests, i'm ready to sleep for a week, you definitely don't get that kind of craziness from a DJ! 😂

Most live acts will accept requests so you can have your favourite songs played live including 'that' song that is special to you and your partner. You can basically have a mini concert with the visuals, the interaction and the excitement at the evening reception or you can have the classy, beautiful, blend into the background singer or instrumentalist creating that perfect atmosphere for the drinks reception or the wedding breakfast.

Obviously between sets you need music to be played to keep up the celebrations, but you will find that these days most bands offer a DJ service too, so no need to worry about double the expense of booking live music AND a DJ. Its worth finding out when you enquire!

One last thing to think about is the memories you will leave your guests with. Its going to be an amazing day whatever happens because your family and friends are celebrating your wedding day and its one of the happiest occasions! 💕 Saying that, most of the complements i've ever received have been from guests thanking me for what a fantastic time they had had, how they had been dancing all night or just generally how they had so much fun!

So should you book live music? It certainly gets my vote!

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